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Rugged Radio

Rugged GMR45 High Power GMRS Mobile Radio

Rugged GMR45 High Power GMRS Mobile Radio

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Go Further with our industry leading 45-watt GMR45 mobile radio. More wattage equals more power and range, giving you the ability to transmit long-distances when it matters.

Easily connect to intercom, headset, or any 5-pin accessory with the built-in Rugged Ready pigtail cable!

Loaded with channels and features, the GMR45 is ideal for installation into your vehicle or setup at base camp. 


Works with all GMRS and FRS radios operating on the same channels, including Rugged GMR45, GMR25, and GMR2. Also works with all GMRS radios from other manufacturers including Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and many more.

Radio Dimensions: 5.5"W x 7"D x 1.5"H

GMRS License is required and easy to get: Click here.

User Manual: Click Here


What's Included:

  • Powerful GMR45 Mobile Radio
  • Hand mic with Scosche Magic Mount
  • Scosche Magnetic hand mic hanger
  • Universal mounting bracket and hardware
  • Power cable with fuse


Frequency Range: 462-467MHz

Channel Capacity: 23

Channel Spacing: 12.5KHz

Frequency Stability: 2.5ppm

Operating Temperature: -10ºC~ + 60ºC

Operating Voltage: 13.6V DC ±20%

Dimension (HxWxD): 142 x 180 x 42mm



Radio Frequency (RF) Power: 45W/5W

Frequency Modulation: 1KφF3E

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Modulation Limiting: ±2.5KHz

Modulation Distortion: < 5%

Radiated Spurious Emission: ≥ 60dB

FM Hum & Noise: ≥ 35dB

Adjacent Channel Power: ≥ 60dB



Reference Sensitivity: 0.35μV

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥ 60dB

Intermodulation Rejection: ≥ 60dB

Spurious Response Rejection: ≥ 60dB

Rated Audio Power: ≥ 2W

Audio Response: +1` -3dB (0.3 - 2.55KHz)

Rated Audio Distortion: ≤ 5%

FM Hum & Noise: ≥ 35dB

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